New paper by Nathan van der Stoep

Nathan has a new publication in a special issue on multisensory processing in Experimental Brain Research. We showed that audiovisual integration is enhanced for information that is presented far from the observer as compared to audiovisual information that is presented close by. Changes in distance and in stimulus effectiveness both contributed to the increase in integration in far space.

New paper by Teuni Ten Brink

Teuni Ten Brink investigated the organization of target cancellation in a shape cancellation task. She showed that stroke patients with neglect searched less organized than patients without neglect.

Ten Brink, T., Van der Stigchel, S., Visser-Meily, A., & Nijboer, T.C.W. (in press). You never know where you are going until you know where you have been: disorganized search after stroke. Journal of Neuropsychology.

New paper by Surya Gayet

Surya Gayet has a new publication in Journal of Vision. Using binocular rivalry, he shows that task relevant information receives priority in the competition for visual awareness.

Gayet, S., Brascamp, J.W., Van der Stigchel, S., & Paffen, C.L.E. (in press). Cogito ergo video: Task relevant information is involuntarily boosted into awareness. Journal of Vision.