New paper: Unpredictive linguistic verbal cues accelerate congruent visual targets into awareness in a breaking continuous flash suppression paradigm

Paffen, C. L. E., Sahakian, A., Struiksma, M., & Van der Stigchel, S.

Imagine you are at a supermarket trying to spot your favorite beer, which happens to be Amstel, and at that moment the intercom announces “GREEN”. Naturally, the question arises whether you will now take longer to spot the predominantly red labeled Amstel, than had the announcement been “RED”. Perhaps now only (the green labeled) Grolsch and Heineken grab your attention?

To answer these and other questions,  we examined the effect the influence of auditory linguistic cues on the time it takes for visual objects to enter the awareness.

V-VSS abstract acceptance

Vision Sciences Society (Official VSS Page) - Photos | Facebook

Yay! Abstracts of four of our Attentionlab projects have been accepted for the Virtual Conference of the Vision Science Society (21-26 May). 
The upside of this virtual version of the conference is that you can tune in to hear about our newest findings without flying to Florida.
Are you attending V-VSS? Find the schedule below and pay us a virtual visit! 

Vacancy: Postdoc ERC project ‘HOMEOSTASIS: The dynamics of visual working memory’

Postdoc in Psychology - ERC project 'HOMEOSTASIS: The dynamics of visual working memory' (1.0 FTE)

A three-year postdoc position will be available at Attentionlab! You will work directly with Stefan van der Stigchel, head of the lab, principal investigator of the European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator project HOMEOSTASIS and Professor in Cognitive Psychology at Utrecht University. 

New popular science book: 'Grip op je aandacht'

Stefan shares 49 advices to achieve optimal concentration. What are the basics? What is 'flow' and how do you get there? 
The book covers all ins and outs and do's and don't with regards to concentration. A practical guide (with exercises) on why scrolling through your phone does not count as break, how you can use drinking coffee to strengthen your concentration and why daydreaming is for the good cause. 






ERC Consolidator Grant awarded

The European Research Council has awarded seven ERC Consolidator Grants to Utrecht University and University Medical Centre Utrecht. One of those was awarded to Stefan for his topic of 'The mental economy: Testing a dynamic trade-off between internal storage and external sampling'. The ERC Consolidator Grant is worth two million euros. The grant enables Stefan's Attentionlab to conduct research for a duration of five years.